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War is such a part of our lives anymore. It wasn't always that way. Well, let me take that back. It has always been a part of our lives. Here are some of the wars/military operations that have occurred during my lifetime:

Note: The total number of dead is listed first and then the number of US servicemen, if known.

  1. Korean War   (45,000 US Soldiers dead or missing)
  2. Viet Nam  1,300,000  (59,000 US Soldiers dead or missing) 
  3. Grenada
  4. Panama
  5. Mogadishu, Somalia
  6. Iraq (Gulf War 1)
  7. Bosnian War 200,000
  8. Afghanistan 23,000
  9. Iraq (Gulf War II)  400,000 - 1 million (both wars)
  10. Libya
  11. Iraq / Syria - Isis
  12. Yemen

The above figures do not include the number of wounded civilians or soldiers which can be 10-20 times the number of deaths. Nor does it include the number of refugees or displaced people.

Here is a very comprehensive chart from Wikipedia on all wars 

Another issue about the wars of the last 30-40 years is that the average American citizen is essentialy oblivious to what is going on.  After about 3 years of watching news reports in Afghanistan or Iraq, people tired of the news concerning the war. What ended up happening as we sent our soldiers over for tour after tour (some went as many as 4-8 times back to the war zone) was that nobody paid attention. Even the mainstream media stopped sending reporters and we got very little if any news. The US citizens were weary of war and tuned it out. As a result, a very small percentage of our population bore the cost and the pain of the war while others made a ton of money.  It reminded me of the Fall of the Roman empire except it was happening to us in America.    

See the chart below which details deaths in the Middle East region. 

So, the USA is very used to war and other military operations. Basically, the USA has to have a major military event every 10 years or so with a few minor incidents sprinkled in betwen the major events.

I remember as a draft-age young man during the Viet Nam War that I strongly disagreed with the war. What did we accomplish for the 58,000+ dead soliders that we gave up? What did we accomplish in the past 50 years of working things out with the North Koreans? Nada, zippo, things are still bad between us - no real attempt has been made to bring the parties together.

Cuba - another bad policy case. After 50 years we are only now trying to work things out  - 25 years after the Soviet Union collapsed which was our primary fear at the time.

Here is what it all boils down to - bad leadership in the halls of the US Government.  They have been unable to do much of anything in preventing wars and the reason is because eaxactly what Dwight Eisenhower warned us of, to be aware of the sinister nature of the military industrial complex. They have bought and paid for congress and the presidency and they call their "markers" in all the time.

Our government loves war because they get paid to love it by the corporations that fund their re-election campaigns. They also love a crisis. They do nothing between crises and only come alive in a crisis. But that does not mean they think clearly in a crisis. They panic and get behnd the President and let him lead us into the depths of Hell with no legitimate oversight by Congress,.

Meanwhile, young men and women are expected to fight these wars and now we even have them torturing people, spying on people, force feeding detainees, holding non-combatants for 10 or more years without charges in Quantanamo, or killing them with drones from thousands of miles away like a video game. These soldiers will be scarred for life long after the corrupt politicians have left office with either cushy corporate jobs as payback or a pension funded by the American taxpayers.

Yes, our very government is the cause for many of these wars and war deaths. Wake up America. I knew in 1970 that my government was wrong when it wanted to send all of us to Viet Nam and nothing has changed since then. They are now ready to start wars in the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen just for power and oil.

Yes, oil, the blood of the Earth. Oil is running out and the US and others are acting like drug addicts who are running out of dope. Our Govt. feels that they might as well steal the oil now by attacking the remaining countries in the middle east that have oil or sovereignty.

Remember, drug addicts will do anything for their next fix - the USA is acting like a drug addict and it is doing it in the name of the American people. Wake up America and  get the government into detox before it is too late.
      Here is a chart from costofwar.org concerning the middle east wars of late

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