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John Kerry - Secy of State

Kerry has been running around a lot in the last year. He seems to be stoking the fire for war and causing other problems as well. He is now visiting Somalia (May 2015) on the eastern coast of Africa across from Yemen. Hmmmm..... what woud be his purpose there? No senior US official has ever visited Somalia in the past.

There is oil rumored to be in the ground there. He is also fighting against the so-called rebels in Yemen which is right across the Red Sea. You can bet sure that he is up to something, something which is part of a strategy to attack Yemen or Iran, or whomever.

He has not been thinking correctly ever since he took this job and either he has had botox treatments or he is an alien which has been made to look like John Kerry. I contend that he acts more like the Secy. of War than he does Secy. of State.
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