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The Earth's environment has been deteriorating for many, many years. Traditionally, this has been blamed on pollution and the burning of fossil fuels which creates carbon dioxide at an unusally high rate when compared to the         normal rate of production of CO2. These have been causing issues, there is no doubt. However, there have been even stronger forces at work which have been worse for the environment than polluton and fossil fuels.

Geoengineering has been even worse than these other two causes of global warming. Geoengineering is an attempt by Man to reduce the heating up of the Earth by reflecting sunlight back into the atmosphere. This is done by spraying nano-sized particles into the atmosphere by jet aircraft. This makes cloud like structures which block the sun. This method is highly suspect insomuch that by creating clouds which actually hold the heat in, these clouds and this method seem to serve as a blanket which works counter to the initial claim of reducing heat build-up through reflection of light and heat back into the atmosphere. The spraying has now become an industry in itself and has been going on for years. Even commercial passenger aircraft are equipped wth the chemicals and the spray systems so they are also spraying the sky. Initially, government planes and the military were doing this by themselves. But the government was unable to spray enough toxins into thew atmosphere so they "farmed" this job out to the thousands of passenger planes that fly everyday, worlwide.

They are now spraying 20 million tons pf chemcials per year in the sky. That is 44 Billion lbs of chemicals per year


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