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Welcome to American Comments
On this website we voice our opinion concerning a variety of subjects involving US and foreign governments, industry and corporate practices, environmental issues, economic issues and other issues affecting our society. We welcome viewer feedback, whether positive or negative. But the key is to get involved, be informed and wake up! There is so much going on around us that we all need to be aware of.

Be sure to check our blog out for regular postings.
American Comments is operated by US Citizen. US Citizen is married and has three adult children. He has worked for some of the largest computer companies in the industry during his career. He has traveled the World and has negotiated successful agreements with the leading suppliers in the computer industry. He holds BSBA and MBA degrees from New England based universities.

He and his wife now operate a small business which designs and manufactures tools for a niche industry. Their products are among the World's best in their respective areas. As small business owners and tax paying citizens, they are affected by the actions (or inactions) of the government just like any other business operating on a local, regional, or even global scale. US Citizen analyzes the goings-on of our Federal Government, foreign governments, industry, and worldly events. Much of this info is not widely understood or even known by the public, or so it seems. He shares his understanding and opinions of these events and expresses them on this site as "American Comments." Let us know what you think by sharing your thoughts on our blog or elsewhere within this site. You can also send an email to US Citizen.
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